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Are you still struggling in generating Laser Targeted Traffic and More Profits on social media?

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This is the Simplest and Effective way to generate Unlimited Laser Targeted Traffic And Make Money Online through Social Media on complete Autopilot!

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest-We Cover Them ALL.It Doesn't Get Better Than This!

Gosoci, 4 in 1 Cloud based software that brings sales oriented traffic from 4 social media giants and increase your profits exponentially.


Drive tons of Free social traffic
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"I have used it myself and my profit margins just exploded"

"I am one of the Beta Testers of GoSoci and to my amazement; the results of this software have been remarkable. I had never thought driving traffic on your marketing campaign could be this easy.
Highly recommended for any social media marketer, and could potentially be your best investment this year".

- Jasper Cyan

Check out how one of our Beta Testers leveraged the immense power of all 4 social media giants - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest with our 4-in 1 Cloud Based Software and generated Real Results!!


He tested promoting an Amazon product where he was unable to generate sufficient traffic in spite of the good quality of the product.


With GoSoci, he promoted this product on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. The same Amazon product became viral on social media and generated Ready to Buy, 3X More Traffic that resulted into More Leads, More Sales and More Profits.


Here is the comparison between Profits generated by himBefore and After installing Go Soci. See it for yourself!

To Improve your Confidence in our Product, Let us Demonstrate a Dead Simple Marketing Strategy we used through this software testing and got Commissions like crazy.

Results are in front of your eyes!!

What more you could have asked for?

Along with this traffic magnet, we are providing you an Unbeatable Business Strategy that can make Incentives exponentially, through simple process of Affiliate Marketing.

It’s High time for you to Unravel the Power of Gosoci and redirect Unlimited, Ready to Buy Traffic to any Website in any Niche, Anytime and Anywhere.

And You can Choose any Website to Promote their products through Affiliate Marketing, our Software works Efficiently, and definitely Make a Difference for You.

Let’s not forget that this software is completely Newbie Friendly, it means, no prior technical knowledge is required to understand it’s Tools and Functions.

Don’t worry! we are not leaving you on your own, Step by Step Tutorials and Demonstration videos are provided that will guide you throughout Software Functioning.

Drive Flood Loads of Laser Targeted Traffic for your
marketing campaign at this Incredibly Bargain Price.

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Here’s what Experts say about our Gosoci 4 in 1
Cloud Based Traffic Monster

GoSoci can save you thousands of dollars and is extremely simple to use. Gone are the days of using an assistant to manage your social media marketing or wasting hours and money trying to figuring it out yourself. With this simple app you can have it all done for you in a few clicks. I highly recommend GoSoci

- Radu Hahaianu

This software is a total no brainer for any social media marketer. I recommend every social media marketer to grab it

- Rohan Chaudhari

I have been a proud promoter of Firelaunchers from quite a while now, every product they make is unique and best in terms of features and simplicity. I have used this software myself to test its functioning and the results I got are truly remarkable.
I highly recommend this tool to anyone who wants to Make Money Online.

Sajan Elanthoor

Wow Guys!!! Excellent job done. I love social media. I love the audience, reach and influence it provides. But, I don’t have enough time to manage my accounts and post on every popular social network. It’s exhausting.
But with Gosoci, I can single handedly manage my 4 social networking accounts. Not only this I simply schedule all the posts for the day in one go.
Gosoci is now the centre of my social media marketing world.

-Daniel Adetunji

Guys!!! I think this time you have really outdone yourself. Being an affiliate marketer, it is really a difficult job to decide which products are good enough for your customers and which aren’t.
I have been looking for this kind of software from quite a sometime. But before promoting, I wanted to testify it myself, as you can see my brand reputation is also on stake.
But to my amazement, the results of this software have been remarkable. I had never thought driving traffic on your marketing campaign could be this easy.
This software is truly one of its kind and I Know my list will grab it immediately.

- Ariel Sanders

Superb Guys!!! You have always managed to get me amazed. But this time I am literally in awe of your creation. Gosoci, is truly a revolution in social media marketing, and the business strategy you are suggesting is surely beneficial. I have used it myself and my profits margins just exploded. I urge every online marketer, if you want to Make Money Online without any hassle you should give Gosoci a try NOW before they decide to increase the prices.

- Charles Terrence Harper

I am writing this testimonial, as my gratitude to firelaunchers for this amazing tool.
You know I was a bit reluctant about this software because honestly, social media marketing tool do not work as easily as they claim. But when I first logged in Gosoci, I instantly knew all my fears and worry were not warranted. I made my first campaign and shared my first post on all 4 social media sites within minutes, and I got traffic from all 4 platforms instantly.
This software is “a must have” product for every struggling traffic seeker.

- KME Byrne

Social media is must have source for every Online Business. But it’s really time consuming to keep your posts and pages updated around the clock, cuz thats what bring in the max results...
Thats why I love Gosoci. Its very easy to schedule all my posts and pages on different social media accounts for weeks(or even months) so I can take out time for other activities. With GoSoci I’m not only getting good chunk of leads but also good no of sales to my products. Thanks and Good job Firelaunchers!

- Harshal Jadhav

“I have been in online marketing for years, and still not able to generate more than 100 visitors on a regular basis on any of my posts. Also, I have to do everything manually in order to effectively share a post on different networks at a regular pace... Honestly. It’s really tedious and frustrating. That’s why when I first looked at gosoci, I was very intrigued and once inside I was amazed. This is unlike any of the other auto-posters in a unique way that sets it apart...
…… really beyond my expectations.
After running some tests not only did my visitors and leads increase without all the normal (manual) work, it also allows me to be have a way bigger reach on social media while I am taking care of other things in my business.. . Thanks Firelaunchers for this great product

- Sherman Fredericksen

I have always wanted to take advantage of someone else’s hardwork, but in an ethical way.
And Firelaunchers provided me the exact opportunity for making my dreams come true. When I First introduced this product to my customer list, they just went crazy and wanted to get it as soon as they can.
And the best part is, I don’t have to make any false claims, and invest much time in convincing them I just showed them my results and that was enough for them to grab it. It really works as a commission machine, and my customers are really happy with its results. Thank You guys!!!!

- Gelar Satya Pradana

This Extraordinary Gosoci, 4 in 1 Cloud based traffic monster comes Jamloaded with Miraculous Benefits:

Generate Free Unlimited Targeted Traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

100% Newbie friendly that is no prior technical knowledge required.

Easy to go, 3 step process that generates traffic on complete autopilot.

Allows you to run unlimited campaign and share unlimited posts, on all social media giants simultaneously.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any social media marketing campaign, Without Traffic, there will be NO Leads, NO Sales, NO Profit, NO Commission and NO Success.

In simple words, if you are still failing in generating targeted traffic for your social marketing campaign, you are simply losing money.

No matter how much effort you have put in it and how dedicatedly you work, if you don’t get targeted traffic it will all go down the drain.

The trends of marketing on social media has changed dramatically in recent years, people are building highly-effective marketing strategies and using the potential of social media acquiring desired profits and heights.

If you don’t keep up with marketing trends and lack to stand out among your competitors, you will be doomed.

You may have already known that:-

Let’s see few BIG PROBLEMS you are
facing in driving Targeted Traffic.

Even after doing all of these, there is NO GUARANTEE that you will get desired Targeted Traffic for your marketing campaign.

So what to do now?

Don’t worry, if you are among those thousands of STRUGGLING TRAFFIC SEEKERS that are sick and tired of failing in generating targeted traffic for your Ecom site, Blog, niche site or promoted product or offer.

Then your struggle ends HERE AND RIGHT NOW ONLY.

Firelaunchers Proudly Presents

An Extensive, Highly effective, Targeted Traffic generating 4 in 1 Cloud Based Software, that sucks up Buy-ready traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest and allows you to acquire More Leads, More Sales, More Profits and More Success.

Gosoci comes Hyperloaded with Exclusive Features that you cannot find in any Other Software.

Let’s Explore some Dashing Features of our 4 in 1 Monster tool.

Harness the Potential of 4 viral social networking giants that is Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest and open the doors to get Continuous Stream of Unlimited Laser Targeted Traffic through our 4 in 1 Cloud Based Traffic Magnet to increase your Profits and Success exponentially.

Gosoci provides you 2 Options to share your posts on social media with Easy to go, 3 step processes.

Option #1

Share posts on Timeline of all 4 social networking sites

   Step #1   

Insert and Edit URL- Insert URL link of desired, traffic targeted website. Website can be of any type and in any niche, big or small, our software works seamlessly for you. Copy and paste the link, or type it in text box, according to your convenience. You can also Edit the post according to your requirement before sharing.

Step #1

   Step #2   

Choose Social Media and Share - Now choose the social networking site where the desired posts to be shared, you can select single or all 4 social networking sites to share one posts on all 4 networks simultaneously. Then share.

Step #2

   Step #3   

Sit back and see Profits grow exponentially- Here’s the magic occurs, your posts will be posted on all four social networking sites and generate unlimited targeted traffic, that can get converted into leads and sales and you can watch Profits grow leaps and bounds.

Option #2

Create Unlimited Facebook Campaign, Add Unlimited Groups and Share Unlimited Posts on these groups.

   Step #1   

Create Facebook Campaign- You can create Unlimited Facebook Campaign by simply adding Title and Description for your Campaign.

Step #1

   Step #2   

Add Unlimited Groups- Here in gosoci we are providing you the power to add unlimited groups in your Facebook campaigns. These groups are accessible to all the posts you share in this campaign.

Step #2

   Step #3   

Share Unlimited posts and Generate profits- You can share Unlimited posts instantly or schedule the posts to share using Scheduler. Once you Post it, you can see traffic becomes crazy, allows you to gain Profits and achieve Desired Heights.

Step #3

This 4 in 1 Cloud Based Traffic magnet provides you a New Definition of social marketing taking your profits to new heights.

No Other Software comes close to this in terms of Output Producing and User Friendly Interface. There is simply No Comparison.

Use our Highly Advanced Gosoci 4 in 1 Cloud Based Traffic Sucking Monster, that pick up bucket loads of Traffic from all 4 viral social media giants and increase your Profit margins exponentially.

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Let’s Check Out Few astounding Stats
about Social Media Marketing.


97% marketing strategies are currently participating in social media but 85% of online marketers aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.


More than 58% of marketers that say using social media to drive traffic to their websites is the most important use of the technique.


More than 95 % Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking.


71% of consumers who had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.


Many big entrepreneurs are planning to increase the spending on social media marketing to almost $18 Billions by 2019.

Gosoci is for Everyone. No matter what industry you are working in, what kind of Niche, Website, Products you are promoting, our software works seamlessly for you and allows you to make a Fortune through Social Media Marketing.

Online business industry


Electronics and hardware

B2C Retailer


HR / Recruiting

Entertainment and Fun



Real Estate

Health and Recreation

Motivation and Personality Development

Start-up Business

There is simply No Comparison, We have taken care of Everything you need or desired, Now all you need to do is simply use this tool before your competitors do.

Don’t let them snatch it away from you along with your Profits and Success.

Thinking time is over! It’s time for you to make decision.

Do you want to continue as a struggler or become The King of Social Media Marketing.

All you need to do is, just acquire this amazing traffic magnet and watch Your Profits and Success grow Tremendously.

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Stop using Traditional, Old School Marketing Techniques that keeps on sucking your Hard Earned Money and Savings without providing you any ROI.

  • No more Investing your Hard Earned Money on Paid Ads.
  • No more Anxiety due to increasing Cost of Marketing Campaign.
  • No more Workload in building links repetitively for SEO.
  • No more Waiting for Targeted Traffic to generate ROI.
  • No more Eating dust of your Competitors.

Here’s the small recap why this 4 in 1 Cloud Based Traffic Magnet is “A Must Have” for your Social Media Marketing Success.

  • Using social media giants that are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest to drive traffic.
  • Allows you to generate and run Unlimited Facebook Campaigns and Add Unlimited Facebook Groups and share Unlimited posts on these groups.
  • Promote one posts and page multiple times on multiple campaigns on all 4 social networking sites simultaneously.
  • Preview and Edit all your social posts.
  • Convert your website into viral traffic magnet in any niche.
  • Make scheduling easy with Scheduler.
  • Easy to go, simple 3 Step process, that is completely Newbie Friendly.
  • Manage all your account activities on Easy and User Friendly Dashboard.
  • Step by Step Tutorials and Demonstration videos that guides you throughout software functioning.
  • No sharing, keep 100% profits to yourself.
  • No Extra charges, Grab this extensive software at this Incredibly Low Price NOW.

Drive tons of Laser Targeted Traffic and solve the Traffic Equation with just few clicks

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We are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our Product’s Feature and Results, therefore we are backing up this full offer with...
"30 days Money Back Guarantee"

So, Are you ready to get started????

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Your customers are already interacting with brands through social media, and if you're not speaking directly to your audience through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, you're missing out!

Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving Leads and Sales.

So, This is where our incredible Software Gosoci helps you achieve your business goals by generating tsunami of laser Targeted Traffic .

Don’t Wait... Get Started Today.

All the hard work has been already done for you, you just need to grab it, sit back and watch your Profits grow leaps and bound.

Don’t wait because success waits for no one and who knows your competitors have already grabbed it. Don’t let them reap all your profits while you just simply stand idly by. The sooner you Get it, the sooner you will be able to reap profits.

This really is a Knight in Shining Amour!

And deserves a HEAVY PRICE.

BUT, Our objective is to enable every entrepreneur and small businessman to access the benefits of the social media marketing effectively and generate targeted traffic for their niche.

So, we decided to offer it to you AT a very HEAVY Discount but only for the next FEW days.

Take advantage of this Launch offer NOW! and get instant access to Gosoci, to generate Traffic, Profits and Success for Lifetime.

Choose Best Suited option for you

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Drive Unlimited Traffic
from Facebook
GoSoci ( Unlimited Traffic from Facebook )


Drive Unlimited Traffic
from Facebook & Tumblr
GoSoci ( Unlimited Traffic From Facebook And Tumblr )


Highly Recommended, Best Option Drive Unlimited Traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest
GoSoci ( Unlimited Traffic From FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1  On how many social networking sites, I will be able to share a post through this software?

Ans. We are providing you unlimited access to all four social networking giants that is Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, but that depends on software purchase options you have chosen from option-1, option 2 and option-3. To Get traffic on all four social networking sites you must choose our Highly Recommended, Best Option that is OPTION-3.

Q. 2  Are you following Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest terms and policies?

Ans. Yes we are aware of these 4 social media giant’s terms and policies and Gosoci is fully compatible with it.

Q. 3  Is it compatible with PC and Mac?

Ans. Yes my friend, our software works seamlessly for you, on your PC or Mac without any difficulty.

Q. 4  For how much time I can use this software and when after purchasing?

Ans. You can use this 4 in 1 cloud based software for Lifetime, once after purchasing, and there is No Time Boundation, you can use it 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, according to your convenience.

Q. 5  Is there any additional hardware required for this software?

Ans. No, it is Easy to go software that works on your PC or Mac only, there is no additional hardware requirement for its functioning.

Q. 6  Do you charge any monthly fee?

Ans. No, There are NO monthly charges to use Gosoci during the launch period. You only have to pay once and never again. We always believe in providing complete value for your money.

Q. 7  I don’t have any technical knowledge, are you providing any training with it?

Ans. Yes, we are providing you easy, Step by Step Tutorials and Demonstration videos that will guide you throughout software functioning.
Also our product is completely Newbie Friendly, so no prior technical knowledge is required.

Q. 8  Can I Expect Profit from day 1?

Ans. Now that’s the tricky question, the amount of Profit depends on Sales, and you acquire Sales through Potential Leads and Traffic. But we assure you that our software will definitely make a difference for you in generating Laser Targeted Traffic to acquire more Sales and Profits.

Q. 9  How many times I can Edit a single post before posting or reposting?

Ans. That completely depends on you, you can Edit one post Unlimited time and post it on all 4 social networking giants as many times as you want or desired.

Q. 10  Is my Investment risk free?

Ans. We understand the value of your money, and assure you that this software is going to be your Best Investment, also we are providing you 30 days money back guarantee, if you feel unsatisfied with our product within 30 days we will return your amount, No questions asked.

Q. 11  Do I have to share a percentage of profit I make using this software with you?

Ans. No, you don’t have to share any percentage of your profit with anyone, you can keep 100% of profit you make in your wallet and become successful in your business.

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